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Affirm College offers a comprehensive college experience that goes beyond classroom education. At each of our campuses, you’ll find a multitude of services designed to provide support, keep you actively engaged, enhance your learning, and equip you with the necessary skills for life beyond college. From various support services to exciting engagement opportunities, we strive to ensure that your time at Affirm College is fulfilling, enriching, and prepares you for a successful future.


Affirm College stands as a prominent and diverse educational institution, boasting five campuses that provide students with an exceptional learning experience. With a commendable track record in teaching excellence, innovative programs, robust industry partnerships, and outstanding student services, the College has firmly established itself as a leader in higher education.


Affirm College is dedicated to empowering students with the necessary tools and resources for successful career development. Through a range of comprehensive services, including career coaching, resume and interview preparation, job search assistance, and networking events, the department equips students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the competitive job market. The co-operative education program offers students invaluable opportunities to gain real-world work experience related to their field of study, fostering a seamless transition from classroom learning to professional practice. With strong connections to industry partners, the department facilitates meaningful work placements that align with students’ career goals and enhance their employability. By engaging with Career Services and Co-operative Education, students can maximize their potential and embark on rewarding career pathways upon graduation.


At our institution, we prioritize equipping students with the necessary skills and tools for career success in a world that values global citizenship and social justice. We firmly believe in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and these principles are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our educational approach. By embracing and promoting diversity, ensuring equity, and fostering inclusion, we strive to create an environment where every student can thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. We are committed to preparing our students to navigate and positively impact a world that values these fundamental principles.


Affirm College is committed to creating inclusive environments that prioritize accessibility and ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all students, employees, and visitors. We strive to foster an inclusive community where everyone feels valued, respected, and able to fully participate in all aspects of college life. By promoting accessibility and cultivating a welcoming atmosphere, we aim to provide an inclusive experience that celebrates diversity and supports the success and well-being of all members of our college community.

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