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International Students

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Affirm College formarly Liaison College Hamilton, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, proudly holds the status of being a Designated Learning Institution for International Students. Our college extends a warm welcome to students from all corners of the globe. When choosing to study at Affirm College, you can expect a steadfast dedication to culinary training excellence, boasting a remarkable job placement rate of over 90%. Additionally, our location in Hamilton offers unparalleled convenience and world-class amenities, making it one of the finest destinations to reside and pursue your career in Canada.


At Affirm College, we prioritize your success and well-being from the very beginning. Our support extends throughout the entire admissions process, ensuring a smooth transition to your educational journey with us. Furthermore, we understand the importance of settling into your new life in Hamilton, and we are committed to assisting you in establishing a fulfilling and prosperous experience here.

Admission Procedure​

Please complete the pre-admissions form provided in the contact us page. Your information will be carefully reviewed by our team. Within 2 business days, we will reach out to you to schedule an informal pre-application interview via telephone or Zoom/Skype. During this interview, we will discuss your interest in pursuing culinary training. After the pre-application interview, you will be able to proceed with the formal admissions process.

Once your application to Affirm College is submitted, it will be thoroughly evaluated within 5 business days. Upon acceptance, you will receive an official acceptance letter from Affirm College, which is a necessary document for your student Visa application.

Please note that proficiency in Basic English is a requirement for admission to Affirm College. To meet this requirement, you must have achieved a General Score of at least 5.5 in the IELTS (International English Literacy Test), which must have been completed within the past two years.

Our Commitment To You

Affirm College is dedicated to culinary excellence and empowering our students to succeed. As the regional center for culinary training, we provide a comprehensive curriculum and strong employer partnerships, ensuring our students have access to the best opportunities available. From industry insights to job placements, we support our graduates throughout their culinary journeys.


Our close collaborations with employers keep us up-to-date on industry needs, allowing us to tailor our programs accordingly. This equips our students with the sought-after skills and knowledge that are highly valued in the job market. Beyond graduation, we continues to support our alumni, whether they seek assistance with job placements, further specialization, or career advancement. We create a nurturing environment where students can flourish as culinary professionals, building the foundation for their successful careers.


Affirm College is committed to providing high-quality culinary education and training programs, empowering individuals to enhance their lives. With flexible scheduling options, including full-time and part-time classes both online and in-class, students can pursue their education while managing other commitments.


We prioritize strong connections with employers, resulting in an impressive 95% job placement rate. Our extensive career placement services ensure students have access to the best opportunities available.


At Affirm College, we believe in concentrated education that emphasizes practical, hands-on learning. Our professional programs focus on technique and immersive experiences, enabling students to develop essential culinary skills.

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