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Affirm College, formerly known as Liaison College, continues to provide quality education and training in its expanded scope of programs.

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PICAchef is the culinary education training institute for the next generation of food industry professionals. Prepare a solid foundation for your culinary career with us.

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Over the years, our institution has evolved, expanding its offerings to encompass a diverse range of culinary and lifestyle programs. As a boutique school, we embody a specialized culinary enterprise infused with inspiration and integrity. Our teaching methods prioritize personalization, fostering an intimate, student-centered, and enjoyable learning environment. We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our graduates, who return to us with remarkable stories of success, carving their own paths as business entrepreneurs and renowned chefs, leaving a significant impact both domestically and internationally.
At our culinary school, we go beyond refining essential culinary skills. Our commitment lies in providing people with a lifelong objective, encouraging forward-thinking, deepening understanding, and expanding horizons. These standards shape our courses, which are consistently on par with the best in the industry, and our curriculum is continually updated to stay current. Our goal is to teach you how to create environments that foster meaningful connections by bringing people together through the art of food. As you embark on your learning journey, you will discover a profound appreciation for the limitless possibilities that the kitchen holds, fueled by your unwavering passion.

A Team of Seasoned Professionals

Katsuhito Inoue

Culinary Arts Chef

Ben Kiely

Culinary Arts Chef

Dave Letford

Culinary Arts Chef

Phyllis Tanga

Culinary Arts Chef

Christian Lai-Chun

Culinary Arts Chef

Camila Takahashi

Culinary Arts Chef

Alumni Testimonials

Jennifer J.

A Satisfied Student of Our Culinary Training Program
My experience at this college has not only help me to grow professionally, but also personally. One thing I admire Abou being enrolled in this college is that the Executive Director, Miss Christine Demo played the role in making me the person who I am today and I am grateful and will always be. She played the role just as a mom who was there and still is there to support, advise, and motivates me. She taught me the things that would help me in my work and in personal life.

Matt B.

A Satisfied Student of Our Culinary Training Program
My name is Matt Brazeau and I had the amazing opportunity to take the Specialist Chef course at Affirm College. The first thing you will notice is how much the staff care about you and make you feel like everyone is family. I had the opportunity to learn from some amazing chefs and was challenged on a daily basis which allowed me to hone my craft. I had a fantastic experience and am now proud to say that I am a Chef! Thanks for everything!

Jason H

A Satisfied Student of Our Culinary Training Program
I am now proud to say that I am a Sous Chef at Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club. If I had not been my training experience at Liaison College and them helping me to feed my passion, I would not be where I am today. I would like to personally thank the Director of Liaison College in Hamilton and Oakville area, Mrs. Christine Demko and her team for making a difference in my life. God bless you.


A Satisfied Student of Our Culinary Training Program
My experience at Affirm College was a positive and memorable adventure! I owe such gratitude to the Affirm College which has allowed me to grow as a chef and provide me opportunities to utilize the commercial school kitchen for my business as an alumni graduate. Thank you Affirm College!

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